Caleniel (caleniel) wrote,

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Mweehehehhehehhehe~ XP I has claimed Chai Xianghua, Sephiroth, and Riku at vg_claims >.< Whee!!!!

I'm BBBBBOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEDDDDDDDD!!! *hmm... maybe I should start onmy project... XP*

Eunju and others are in Georgia, Hawaii, or wherever... i feel... lonely.. T_T

YAY!! I gots into SEP!!! XP

Yeah... All for now!!

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Dude, Cal, what's up, youngin'? XD
ahh, Eunju, we will miss her crazy skeels in icons while she is away
Nothing is up, oh fair godess Sinead~ XP
nothing> how can NOTHING be up? I know I'm up, as in happy >>
cause I have a girlfriend *hops around*
I've heard... XP Yay to Sinead! n_n

Of course nothing can be up. Just use your imagination! :3 XD
*bows* Thank you.

O_o o_O O_o o_O