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*mostly to VC*

*sniff* Flea~ The GBW library has Tokyo Pop mangas now... WAHHHH!! *reason?* I'm sad cuz everyone is going to obsess over them and we're going to give it up like Jenna and Victor did with Gaia. it'll become BORING!! T_T i don't want everyone in the whole school going, "Oh my god!! Balmung is such a hottie! I own him!!" T_T This is the end of the worlds. Boredom shall kill us all... Jenna will be first to fall... Then me... T_T (c)WaddleDee!!

ANYWAYS~~ I'm doing math homework.... XD or I should be... ^^;;

Hemlock and the hoedown was fun. I like the zip wire... n_n

Will write later. n_n
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