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I feel so happy!! I don't have to do anything tonight!! Reason? Well, my class and Mr. Richardson's class is having a hoe down tomorrow!! YAY!! (we're just happy to not have class... XD)

And on Friday... We go to Hemlock!! WAHA!! n_n

Feh... I didn't pass the Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test... OH WELL~ Me shall have soooo much fun in Honors math with my other friends! MWAHAHHAAA!! Danielle? Did you pass?

WAH! Mealy worm go bye bye today!We let them free in school. At recess, I got really bored so i chased birdies and I wanted a birdie!! WAH! The birdies wouldn't come to me so We used mealworms as traps but they still didn't come!! *pout* My older friends *cough hack* Caitlin and Jennifer *cough hack* were both calling me cute and adorable while I wanted a birdie... -_-;; Wehn we got bored of chasing birdies, We put a mealworm we found on the basketball court and waited to see how long it can survive there... It failed because Candice saw it and put it back safe in the grass... *pout*

i'll write later... Like tomorrow later... or a month... o.O;;
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