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Happy Tree Friends

So this is what everyone was talking about...

Scarey... XD

MWAHAHAHAA!! I got an excellant on my second science draft so I can just use it as the final draft! MWAHAHAHAA!! n_n

I made 2 icons. I'll post them later.

Gah. The Happy Tree Friends is stuck in my head... T_T

There's nothing actually happening in my life. Everyone mostly has one Pupa but I don't have any... Even like 2 people in our class has beetles. T_T I feel lonely...

This girl forgot to take their beetle out so it started to eat her mealworms. Now one of the mealworm has holes in it... o.O;;

i'm bored... The strings kids feel lucky. The reason is because we're going to practice in Rocky run tomorrow in the morning and miss PE where we have to do square dancing. XD MWAHAHAA!! We love Ms. Collins.

Off to do some homework.
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